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Most Recent FAQs

1. I have a QIP6416-2 connected via HDMI cable to a new 1080p TV. When I set the picture setting on the set top box to 1080i I get a green vertical line down the right side of my screen. Why?

2. New Voice Mail Password

3. What is a NAS device

4. Is FIOS compatible with Windows Vista?

5. How can I listen to music and not have a picture on my tv

6. my DVR indicates that it is 100% full but that is wrong. I have deleted almost everything and it still shows to be completely full

7. can I get local tv braodcast through FIOS if I cancel my account

8. how can i connect my fios tv stb (6416-2) to my dvd recorder

9. Can I add an external HDD (USB or eSATA) to the High Definition/ DVR and how do I do it?

10. Receiving digital signals

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