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Speed Information

1. When I download a file from internet, firefox shows that the download speed is 550 Kbits/sec. How does this speed translate or relate to 15MB dowload speed?

2. How do I set the DNS address for OpenDNS in the ActionTec Wireless Router

3. Great information on OpenDNS

4. How does Verizon set the internet speed for the plan purchased?

5. Is the speed of my connection influenced by my distance from the local office, as with DSL?

6. I get frequent drops whenever i use my wireless internet on my computer especially when i am using my xbox to play online games, any suggestions?

7. I'm getting less than 15 mbps and was told Vista throttles down my speed. I have a XP laptop and when wired I get the same speed. I don't know who to get the total speed that I'm paying for. Help!

8. I am paying Verizon for 20/5 computer speed. Speedtest Shows 13000/4000 what gives.

9. Try OpenDNS.com to speed your Web browsing with FIOS.

10. What are the available internet speeds for FIOS?

11. Where can I test the speed of my FiOS service?

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