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1. What type of TV do I need?

2. What is the FIOS TV Channel Lineup?

3. Can I get TV with a Fios Business Account?

4. Where can I get the Manuals (user guides) for the Motorla STBs and the remote?

5. Does FiOS-TV require an set-top Box (cable box) or can I plug the cable direclty into my TV?

6. What is the difference between FiOS-TV and Cable/Satellite?

7. How Does FiOS TV Connect to My House?

8. Show on-screen diagnostics for Motorola HD STB QIP-6416-1

9. For the first 50 channels, does the FIOS TV DVR convert from analog to digital before recording, or is there a direct bit-for-bit digital recording mode for the first 50 channels?

10. Explanation of why cable boxes or cable cards are required.

11. How does one enable closed captioning when using the HD/DVR box?

12. Can you program the DVR6416 for 30 and 60 second skip?

13. How on-screen diagnostics works for the QIP 2500.

14. Does Fios have a printed monthly TV listing like Comcast does?

15. Where is Fios tv's corporate headquarters and what is the phone number?

16. Do I need a Set Top Box (STB) to get HD channels?

17. Where can I get pictures of the Set Top Boxes (front and back)?

18. What STBs (Set top boxes) are available with Fios?

19. Do I need RG-6 or will RG-59 work for FiosTV install?

20. Home Media DVR- Can I stream recorded HD channels to another STB

21. Can I record digital channels using something like MythTV

22. I have a HD TV with a Qam tunner in it. Will it still be necessary to have a set top box for Digital and HD signals that are free?

23. Does the HD-DVR receiver (QIP6412) have an RF output so you can feed another TV via coax run?

24. Can I watch one channel while recording while recording another channel on my VCR? I have an analog TV and VCR.

25. Is there a way to use the DVR functionality of a Media Center PC with FIOS TV?

26. Can you purchase your own DVR to avoid paying the $12.95 a month fee for this service through Verizon?


28. What are the dimensions of the SD STB?

29. Will the Tivo Series 3 support Multiroom DVR?

30. Can I force the HD DVR Box to upconverts SD channels to either 720P or 1080i? Thanks

31. What HD formats does the HD signal get transmitted in? 720i, 720p, 1080p, 1080i?

32. Can I split the output from one STB to serve as input to several TV's?

33. Can I download recorded programs from the DVR?

34. If I cancel the Fios TV, can I switch back to my previous cable TV service?

35. Is it possible to take the Channel 3 output from a STB and feed that back into the coax distribution system so that TVs without a STB could get converted digital channels?

36. Is it true that you cannot directly transfer (dub) programs from the Fios DVR hard drive to our DVD recorder?

37. Can the Fiios STBs and our DVR recorders be used to record one or a series of programs while watching other programs?

38. Can I add an external HDD (USB or eSATA) to the High Definition/ DVR and how do I do it?

39. How do I turn off closed captioning on HDTV programing?

40. To use a cable card for Fios hd and premium channels, what are the hi def TV set technical requirements?

41. Are HD locals and/or any SD channels transmitted in the clear so a HTPC could be used to view them without a STB or CableCard?

42. Can I connect a USB hard drive to my Mot. QIP6200 to add stoage space.

43. Does the page down key not work on latest remotes for HD-DVR?

44. Is there a FIOS TV set box with an RF capable remote. I am interesting in converting to FIOS TV, but my primary TV is flush mounted to the wall with the dish network converter box in a separate room.

45. Are the HD channels compressed? How do they compare to over-the-air, broadcast HD quality wise?

46. What is the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide? When will it be released?

47. Live TV pause

48. How do I tell if the existing cabling in my house ig RG-6 or RG-59?

49. Do you have to pay a fee for each television or does the monthly fee cover all your tvs?

50. I currently have a large DirectTV install w/ 14 receivers. Is FiosTV conducive to large installations?

51. Fios TV was recently installed with a Motorola QIP6416-1 HD-DVR. I read the userguide online that mentions some user settings such as aspect ratio. I cannot access these settings.

52. Where can I find documentation which shows the mapping of the FIOS TV channels to the actual Frequency on the Cable

53. New Media Guide

54. Is there any way to buy a box to get the extended channels without leasing them from verizon?

55. How do the non HD receivers communciate with the HD DVR?

56. SLow remote, navigation - possible solution

57. Philips RC-144 Remote - code readback

58. Does the bandwidth for the TV come out of the bandwidth for the internet? How much bandwidth does the TV require?

59. How do I set reminders on the new Media Guide?

60. Is it possible to access the Verizon DVR from the internet ?

61. how do i attach a vcr to the fios standard def dvr?

62. Does FiOS plan on adding NBA TV and NFL Network to their sports channel lineup?

63. You can download local HD DVR content via Firewire port

64. Why does FIos think every Law & Order on TV is and old episode?

65. If the Verizon FiOS HD TV broadcast signal is at 1080i resolution; then what is the advantage of paying extra for a 1080p lcd or plasma tv over a 1080i tv other than for viewing Blu-ray or HD DVD's?

66. Is it possible to only get HD VOD and how would I go about doing that?

67. Will FiOS provide an SD signal to my SD TVs after the 2009 digital switch?

68. Can i add my two security cameras to unused Fios TV channels?

69. Why does the RG6 have to be connected to the Actiotec router?

70. I have been told that as well as the standard set top box that you also have cable cards that fit into the PCMCIA slot on some HD TVs, is this correct? could you give me more information please

71. Will Caller ID be displaced on the TV screen for an incoming call?

72. I'm signed up for installation. Do I have to get a Set Top Box for all my TV's? I really only care about my Hi-Def set.The others are not watched that often and space is an issue.

73. just got Fios TV but it has an old menu system. Hoew can I get the new IMG menus? can they be downloaded?

74. What is the TV channel setting for DVD and what is the sequence to start my DVD

75. I have been told on at least 7 occasions that I have to have a cable box to receive any service, even basic, from Verizon fios no matter what type of TV I have - True or False

76. Why is there no MASN on the High Definition channels. You only carry them in analog. The baseball season is about to start.

77. Will FIOS offer the MLB television package this summer?

78. Can I use an 1-8 splitter for the TV signal with FIOS or will I loose signal strength ? What should I look for for a good splitter ?

79. If I have 6 TVs (5 analog/1 HD), I would need an HD STB for the HD TV, and either 5 other STBs or 5 CableCards installed, correct?

80. Would each of my DVD recorders need its own STB in order to record a program?

81. Does the STB/DVR power have to be on to record shows?

82. I do not have a landline. I only use a cell phone. Can I get FIOS TV without a landline? Are there any additional charges?

83. hdmi cable is no improvement over regular cables. doing something wrong ?

84. Are FiOS TV Channels sent on an as-needed basis or are they sent all at once?

85. I have a QIP6416-2 connected via HDMI cable to a new 1080p TV. When I set the picture setting on the set top box to 1080i I get a green vertical line down the right side of my screen. Why?

86. how can i connect my fios tv stb (6416-2) to my dvd recorder

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