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1. If I get FiOS Internet, must I remove my current Symantec anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewall

2. Are there alternatives to "Verizon Yahoo" or "MSM Premimum" portals?

3. Will the Verizon Fios support Linux or Unix based systems

4. New Actiontec Firmware

5. Can I still get Fios with Windows 98 SE even though they have discontinued support for this OS?

6. Will my Fios service be affected if I upgrade my operating system (e.g. from Windows 98 SE to XP or Vista) after Fios has been installed? Will anything else need to be done other the upgrade?

7. Firmware upgrade

8. how can i tell what firmware my actiontec mi424-wr revision D has?

9. Is FIOS compatible with Windows Vista?

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