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IP and Port Information

1. What about Port 80 - is it blocked?

2. Can I get a static IP address?

3. What's the difference between Dynamic and Static IPs?

4. Why does my IP address keep changing?

5. Can I use DynDNS with the supplied D-Link/Actiontec router?

6. How do I enable port forwarding on the ActionTec Router?

7. Is there a Port open to the world on the actiontec router?

8. How do I force a IP change on fios if I have DHCP?

9. Whats the defaultUser name and password after installation? cause it isnt admin and password..

10. Can I customize the Advanced filtering to only allow specific IP's to access the port forwards ?

11. Does FIOS residential service support a home FTP server on Port 21 using Dynamic DNS?

12. FIOS TV VoD does NOT work with Actiontec set to Max Security. Clearly, there must be PORT numbers I can permit to allow use of MAX security. What are they?

13. Can I remove my ActionTec router? When plugging into netgear, or directly into PC, Verizon does -NOT- assign an IP.

14. Any ports or specific application protocol that are blocked or limited?

15. is there a special firewall or my dynamic IP is real and visible to outside?

16. How do I host an Exchange and a web server on the FIOS Residential service?

17. Game Server, I want to host COD4 when it my turn and no one can see my server. Is there something special I need to configure to enable this so that the server is visable?

18. Can the internal ip of the router be changed to diffrent private ip such as

19. I have no ethernet jack on my computer what will YOU install so my comp. is usable on line

20. how do i change my router channel i have fios and the wi-fi wont connect some times. plz give me a step by step on how plz. Thanks.

21. How do I remove a static IP from my set top box? I need it to go back to DHCP.

22. Can I use the same SSID and WEP number I now use with my cable provider on the FIOS set-up?

23. For Mac tech person only, please. How can I extend the wireless network of the Verizon wireless router using Airport Extreme 802.11n? The goal is to be able to print wirelessly.

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