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1. What type of computer will work with FIOS?

2. What hardware is required?

3. What are the dimensions of the FiOS subscriber equipment?

4. Do I have to use the supplied D-Link/Actiontec router with Verizon FiOS?

5. Help, I put my own router in place of the Dlink, and my Download speeds are SLOW!

6. What special requirements should a Router have if I want to use it with Fios (in place of the one supplied)

7. How do I update my D-link firmware

8. What do the BBU indicator Lights mean?

9. What do the BBU audible alarms mean?

10. What do the ONT lights mean?

11. Does the Battery backup also power the Internet?

12. How do I use linksys wireless instead of the Built-in wireless in the actiontec?

13. How much power does the PSU/ BBU /ONT draw?

14. How long will the BBU last on standby (not talking on the phone)?

15. Can I add a hard disk to the DVR to add storage space?

16. Can I use the internet or TV if the power goes out (using the battery backup)?

17. How do I use another wireless router instead of the Wireless built into the actiontec?

18. What is the Default Username/ Password for the Dlink Router?

19. What are the dimensions of the actiontec Router?

20. ActionTec wireless is poor -- use Linksys wireless or other router connected to ActionTec

21. How much does it cost to operate the ONT and BBU (power cost)

22. What is the defaul login and password for the actiontec router?

23. Actiontec Router Review

24. Why no service after 5 minutes if both Pwr supply and router plugged into UPS?

25. I DON'T want to rent STBs so how much to purchase them?

26. On the Actiontec router adminsitartion screen, I don't alwats see al of my coax devices listed - I have STBs but will typically only see 1 or 2 listed. Is this normal ?

27. Is there a way to overwrite the Actiontec assigning certain IP addresses to the STBs? The firmware has DHCP Option 60 running which assigns a certain IP address to a vendor specific MAC.

28. On the QIP2500 box, is the optical audio port on the back active? The manual says (Optional) and the port itself seems to have a cover over it.

29. How do I switch tuners to watch a different show while pausing the first?

30. Remote Controll Programming info

31. How to cascade your routers

32. I got 2 HD boxes-one is the media box-and 4 regular boxes (total of 6 TVs). The installer told me that I can only watch recorded shows on my 4 regular boxes but not on my other HD box. Why?

33. Will the BBU support Voice and data service when the power is out?

34. Will the BBU support Voice and data service when the power is out? - PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW to get data backup too instead of voice only.

35. How do I hook up my D-Link DIR655 Router to the ActionTec MI424 WR?

36. BBU and data on battery information

37. Why wouldn't an older Win98SE 450-mhz pc with 512 MB ram work with Fios 20/5 ? Is it just not supported but will work? Why does any software have to be installed for FIOS? Is that just for support?

38. Can DOCSIS modems be used to access the MOCA net?

39. Where can I get a Moca to Ethernet bridge?

40. What is the range of the wirelss routers? How much is speed affected by the distance from the router, if at all?

41. What and where do I order a replacement battery for the BBU?

42. Can I purchase the multi room DVR to avoid paying the 19.95 monthly fee?

43. I've seen Fios TV receivers for sale on ebay, would it just be plug & play or do I have to call to have it activated?

44. Motorola NIM100 MOCA Bridge Info

45. Actiontec MI424WR password

46. I have a nice router, can I use it and cascade the Actiontec router from it. Using the Actiontec router as a NIM?

47. Why is their not a reset button on the BBU so the if a reboot is required customer could just unplug and press button?

48. Where do I find a replacement battery for the Broadband Battery Back-Up Unit CPL28U12?

49. When the power goes out in your home is the battery back up 8 hrs of usage or 8 hrs of standby from the time that the power goes out

50. Is there a separate fee for each STB, or one fee for all STB's?

51. I read that the HD DVR offered can only play shows in SD. I'm talking about TV shows recorded in HD not VOD programs. Is that true?

52. Does the Ethernet port on the HD set top box allow access to the home network?

53. How do I change my 4:3 override from 480i to 480p, so i can use my Samsung TV?

54. For the HD-DVR STB, is there a partial stretch aspect ratio which permit 4:3 programming to fill a 16:9 screen with minimal horizontal distortion?

55. The instruction manual says we have to replace the battery after four hours of use. What exactly is the kind of battery you have in there?

56. If I already have FIOS TV & Internet, can I hook up a second Actiontec router upstairs to get a better wireless signal? Or do I have to go through Verizon?

57. How do I connect Media Center PC to dedicated STB?

58. Can I use a FAX machine (Cannon MultiPass MP390) with the FIOS telephone/internet system?

59. Can a Cable Card watch recorded programming from another HD Media Center STB DVR in my house?

60. I am thinking about FiOS TV with the HD media center but still have an SD TV will the SD set top box be able to acces all recorded programs and channels?

61. Phillips RC 144 5302 remote: how do i access the

62. Is there any way to control a QIP-2500 STB from a PC via a web page or software?

63. My HD-DVR didn't have a manual, so I'm not sure which setting to use. My supports 1080p, 1080i and 720p (max 1920x 1080p). Which setting works best on this box- 1080i or 720p?

64. My Actiontec Router Failed. It's out of Warranty. How do I get a replacement?

65. If newer computers support wireless N bandwith routers like D-Link's DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router, why doesnt Verizon offer and supply a router with the same capabilities?

66. How can I get a replacement for the Actiontec model MI424-WR router originally installed by Verizon but destroyed and thrown out.

67. my DVR indicates that it is 100% full but that is wrong. I have deleted almost everything and it still shows to be completely full

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