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Fios installation

1. Is there a Self install Kit for FIOS?

2. Does FiOS require an external modem?

3. What should I do prior to my installation?

4. How will I know when my Verizon FiOS is up and running?

5. What will happen to my existing DSL service?

6. What do I do if Verizon messes up my property?

7. What is the process for FiOS installation?

8. I live in a place where there are multple houses, apratments, etc on my property (MDU), are there any special requirements?

9. How is FIOS wired (wiring diagram)

10. What does the Cusomer Service Checklist look like?

11. Is there any special paperwork required for a MDU (apartment, townhome, etc)

12. What size hole is required to put the fiber cable w/connector into the premises so no splicing is required?

13. I have FIOS TV with 2 regular, 1 HD and 1 DVR STBs. However the VOD and Guide services often time out or VOD image is pixelated. FIOS tech changed splitter but problem persist. Why is this occuring?

14. Wiring distance for installation (distance from BBU to ONT,etc)

15. Also, what is the max allowable distance between the ONT and the BBU?

16. What guage wire carries power from the BBU to the ONT? What, how many other signal wires are in this cable?

17. If I currently have underground utilities, should I expect the FIOS installation to use the same path into my basement that my current phone lines use or will there be new conduit/hole

18. What are the signal levels supposed to be for each input to the STBs

19. We have an older computer (ca. 1997 Dell) that currently has dialup what Hardware do we have to buy?

20. I heard that there is a 'Welcome Kit' that comes with the installation. What does it include? I didn't get one.

21. How far away can a power outlet be from the power supply during installation? 1 ft? 10 ft? more?

22. My house is already wired with a coax drop in each room, do they still need to intall a cat-5 jack or can they use the existing cabling?

23. When Fios is done installing will there be a termanation fee on my current verizon plans such as DSL or phone to switch to Fios? Or will it be free of charge.

24. This week I saw the verizon guys runnning the fiber down my street, any idea how long after that it will take for it to be avalible? Or are there any other signs I can look for as an indicator?

25. If I choose to take FiOS TV only without FiOS Intenet or any of Verizon's broadband packages, does Verizon need to use my computer for installing any kinds of software? Thanks.

26. Underground conduit

27. Once you install fios on my computer,what happens if I get rid of the old computer and get a new one? will a technician have to come to reintall the fios software?

28. Can the ethernet jack be placed anywhere in the house or does it have to be near the ONT (e.g. can the ONT and the ethernet jack be on opposite sides of the house)?

29. What will happen to my existing cable service once Fios is installed?

30. Can the Battery Backup Unit be excluded from the installation? The OPSU could be plugged into an UPS unit.

31. Does can the router be placed anywhere in the coax network or must all of the RG9 cable be split from the splitter that the

32. Does the ONT have to be mounted outside the house? Can it be mounted on a backboard in the attic with the rest of the indoor gear?

33. How do I connect a VCR to my 6416-1 DVR

34. Why does Verizon remove the copper phone line?

35. Do my inside telephone wires and inside cable TV wires (which are inside my walls, need to be replaced if I choose Fios for phone, TV and internet?

36. The wiring diagram is unclear. Are the power/signal wires sent to the BBU then sent to router/STB, or do the internet and tv signals come directly from the ONT?

37. If I get fios triple freedom package install in my current address and then move out in a few months is there any fees assest with transferring the service.

38. Do I need the BBU installed if I am only getting the FiOS internet service?

39. I have FIOS Internet only but if I get phone and TV bundle will I need to replace my phones and fax wth VOIP?

40. Can the ONT box be installed in the basement instead of outside to minimize the number of holes drilled into the house?

41. Can the BBU and OPSU be installed in an outside (but protected from the elements) space?

42. How do you connect a DVD to a QIP6416-2 and watch movies.

43. The FIOS distribution box is buried at the edge of my lawn. To run the fiber optic cable to the wall of my house, is it placed within an underground conduit?

44. To access my RG-6 TV distribution cable point of entry to the ONT box requires a 40 foot burial. Will Verizon bury this RG-6 line extension and is it in a conduit?

45. My house will require CAT 5 wiring. I would like to prewire this cable within the wall for a neater installation. Would Verizon supply this cable to me in advance?

46. Can a single RG-6 cable be run from the ONT to the router instead of CAT 5 wire to support FIOS internet, TV and phone? Or, are both RG-6 and CAT 5 cable required from the ONT to the router?

47. To prewire internet and TV, does a single coax cable from each device (router and STB) all run to a common point, where it is connected to a splitter with a single coax running back to the ONT?

48. With a single RG6 coax line form the ONT to the router for internet access, can this same single line supply a TV signal for my computer's built in TV tuner?

49. I installed a NIM100 in addition to the Actiontec in a remote room. Now I can not get VOD on any set top box. Remove the NIM 100 and VOD is fine ?

50. Will the fiber be run to the existing POTS junction box that happens to be in my backyard?

51. Would like to use a Linksys WRT54GS & a NIM-100 for FiOS TV + Internet. Is there a connection diagram available?

52. All splitters or splitter/amplifiers in my house RG-6 cabling have a 900 MHz bandwidth, which will probably not pass the 1.1 GHz IP signal. Will Verizon provide replacement splitters?

53. Does Version FIOS supports two routers connecting to verizon's internal router directly

54. What if I have computers in three different rooms and want wired connections? Does FiOS installation include installation of Ethernet jacks?

55. Asked before in the wrong category. I read the ONT can be connected to Actiontec router via only RG6 cable (due to MOCA). However, are there advantages if I run both RG6 and CAT-5e to router?

56. What router is Verizon using for Fios Installs right now?

57. How much of a bend can the incoming Fiber Cable take? Will it pass thru a Service Entrance Head?

58. I want to use gigabit ethernet within my home. Will the installer run CAT 6 instead of CAT 5 if I supply the spool?

59. Can I add a D-link 10/100 switch to the Actiontec router for additional ethernet ports?

60. what kind of coax should I install?

61. If I record a HD program with the Home Media HD DVR, can I view it in HD on a HD STB in another room.

62. What is the minimum bend radius of the FiOS fiber cable?

63. You mentioned adding a Linksys wireless router to supplement the Actiontec router that is sub-par in terms of wireless efforts. Is there one in particular you suggest or will ANY wireless router do?

64. In the diagram the router is connected to the ONT by BOTH Cat5 and RG6... is this necessary? Mine is solely connected by RG6.

65. Can I use Cat 5 cable with Fios?

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