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General Information

1. What is Fios?

2. What is Fiber Optic?

3. What are the Advantages of Fiber optic?

4. What are the Terms of Service for Fios?

5. How much does FIOS cost?

6. Does Verizon offer a Business version of Fios?

7. Does Verizon FiOS have hidden bandwidth caps?

8. What happens when the power goes out?

9. Can I network/share my FiOS connection with multiple computers?

10. Background on how Fiber optics Work

11. How does the optical technology work (wavelengths for data/ phone/video)?

12. What is the Tech Support (FSC)/ billing Phone Number?

13. What is the difference between MSN Premium and Verizon Yahoo! Services.Which do FiOS users recommend more?

14. If my phone service moves to fiber how does this affect my alarm system which is connected to my phone?

15. Re: Power outage. I have VoIP. Is verizon not required to power my data so I have E911 capability during power outage?

16. It appears that BBU is required for phone service to continue thru a power failuue. If you only subscribe to TV or phone servied, do you need BBU? Why?

17. Does the fact that it is listed that Verizon FiOS is not compatible for Macs on wireless adapters mean that wireless routers will not work with a Mac laptop?

18. I currently have Vonage for my work line, will switching to FIOS impact my vonage service

19. Which company invented Fios?

20. Is there a monthly data download limit/cap?

21. I have an actiontec MI424-wr router however when I try to access the megacontrol panel at , i cannot enter the default password as everytime I type a letter, 3 asteriks appear?

22. Does FiOS include access to a newsgroup (

23. How do I clear the list of VOD viewed programs

24. What happens if you have to move during your contract period? Is the contract waived or are you obligated to it no matter what the reason?

25. I can't connect to the internet with my Wii. Are there any solutions?

26. Can I keep my FiOS connection and get rid of Verizon local and long distance? I am seriously thinking about VOIP as a replacement.

27. Can I use my existing VOIP service in conjuction with Verizon FiOS service as a second phone line?

28. I'm happy with Verizon's newsgroup access with my current ADSL, will FiOs offer same access to newsgroup? un-filtered and good speed?

29. Can I get FiOS TV and/or Internet without converting my POTS to FiOS?

30. Xbox live(wireless) does not work with Actiontec M1424WR Modem

31. New Actiontec Firmware

32. Disable ICMP echo

33. I have copper and coax distributed to each room from an in apartment hub. Do I also need CAT 5 for internet from the ONT or does a ONT with MoCa solve the problem?

34. my future home has FIOS, can I take over the contract when the original owner moved? ir do I have to install a new one when I move in?

35. Can you recieve collect calls with FIOS home phone service?

36. My FiOS has been cutting out recently, If I do nothing it will eventually come back up. Is this a problem on my end or Verizons?

37. What is the distance that the actiontec router covers?

38. I am FIOS installed soon and will I be able to use the TTY device for communicating with deaf family?

39. Can I use a regular battery (non-sealed) as a replacement for the BBU?

40. Fios installed TV, IE and Phone. unable to get voice messages with existing answering machine; another system picks up calls and messages . How do I get these messages?

41. I like to get free long distance calls with the Fios service I have in our home

42. Are you able to have multiple phone lines with FiOS phone?

43. well i got fios installed at my house i was not here and when they installed the wireless router i didnt get a password need help?

44. I read the ONT can be connected to the Actiontec router with only a RG6 cable (due to MOCA technology). However is there any adantage gained (eg speed) by using both CAT-5E and RG6 cables?

45. I want to purchase a new computer runiing Vista, what will I need to do to prepare the new system to connect to the internet via FiOS?

46. Do I have to watch what I am dubbing from the DVR to my VCR?

47. i am going on vacation is it ok to shut down my computer and the modem or will it affect my phone

48. I have a Motorola QIP6416-2 with DVR. My TV is connected to the HDMI output on the STB. Can I record to a Blu-ray DVD recorder from the STB

49. Can Verizon FIOS phone service replace both of my two phone lines (two phone numbers)?

50. Do I need the DSL filters when FIOS has been installed

51. Ever since my install (Phone/TV/Internet) when I pick up the phone there is a series of approx. 8 beeps before I get a ring tone. Very annoying. Any ideas how to fix?

52. we just switched to fios triple play - and i am not getting my phone messages - how do i retrive the messages?

53. how do I connect my ps3 to the wireless connection.

54. is FIOS phone service voice over IP?

55. How much electricity does the fios hook up use? Comcast is saying my electric bill will increase.

56. are dsl type filters needed for phones after fios is installed

57. I currently have DirecTV and wish to keep it in addition to Fios, is this possible?

58. I currently have comcast for my tv/telephone etc., if I switch to FIOS can I keep my current telephone number?

59. Can I keep a regular phone and use FIOS TV & Internet?

60. How do you enable closed captioning for TV?


62. Is it permitted to paint the outside cover of the ONT?

63. can i use my current direct hd tv dvr with existing fios equipment

64. How can I listen to music and not have a picture on my tv

65. can I get local tv braodcast through FIOS if I cancel my account

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