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Documents and Manuals

Wiring Diagrams

  • How Fios is Wired (ont, bbu, router, etc) (jpg)

    General Documents

  • MDU consent form (for Apartments, townhomes, etc) (PDF)
  • New Customer installation checklist (jpg)
  • New Customer Pamphlet (pdf)

    Router Documents

  • Actiontech Router (RI408) Manual
  • Actiontech Router (MI424WR) Manual
  • Actiontech marketing Materials (PDF)

    STBs (Set Top Boxes)

  • Motorola QIP2500 User guide (PDF)
  • Motorola QIP6200/6400 User Guide (PDF)
  • Motorola DRC-800 User Guide (PDF)

    Other Hardware Manuals

  • Broadband Battery Back-Up Unit CPL28U12(pdf)

    Sample TV lineup

  • Sample TV lineup- Los Angeles (PDF) 9-12-06
  • Sample TV lineup- Los Angeles (PDF)

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