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1. What is an ONT?

2. What is a BBU?

3. What is POTS?

4. What is an OLT?

5. What is a FDH?

6. What is a NID?

7. What is a NIC?

8. What is PEG?

9. What is FTTP?

10. What is a NIM?

11. What is a STB?

12. What is an FDT?

13. What is VOD?

14. What is a router?

15. What does Undergrounding mean?

16. What is a MDU?

17. What does Arial mean?

18. What does FIOS stand for?

19. List of All Acronyms and Terminology

20. What is an ABP?

21. What is a PSU?

22. What is MoCA?

23. What is firmware?

24. What does OTA mean?

25. What is QAM

26. What is a NAS device

27. what company provides you with the actual fiber to make FiOS?

28. Input button not toggling between connected devices, how do we reset?

29. What is the Default Username/ Password for the actiontec mi424 wr

30. What happens to an ADT Alarm System when the power on the FIOS System goes down?

31. What STBs (Set top boxes) are available with Fios?

32. I had Verizon DSL prior and only had a landline because I had to. Now I've switched to Fios. People are telling me I no longer need a land line with the Fios connection. Is this information correct?

33. how do I delete unwanted channels from the quide listing

34. Can incoming overhead fiber 15-ft vertical drop to ONT be either inside or outside the house

35. I swear I hear an intermittent whistling noise comming over the fios line; especially in thev very early am. What is this

36. I have cable internet & TV, Verizon Wireless telephones (3) and was thinking of going completely Verizon. I do not currently have a land line. Would I be responsible for install fees with Verizon and

37. my actiontec mi424wr broke and i have no internet, can i buy a temporary router(what model,brand) it may take a week for verizon to get me one, i also have fios tv and phone

38. Can I hook up a CAT5 or CAT6 line to the box on the outside of my house and use that for my computer instead of using the coax ?

39. My TV is not HD - will I still be able to use the Fios DVR?

40. Is there a fix to make actiontec router work with WPA?

41. Can I cover the large Verizon cable box that was installed on my lawn with sod?

42. Will the ADT burglar alarm monitoring system work with the phone on FIOS?

43. Will your HD STB or HD DVR work with the Slingbox Solo device

44. Can a giga switch be used after the Fios router to link 4 Macintosh computers or is the router sufficient. Need to see one computer from another and pass files back and forth at giga speeds.

45. what downstream and upstream speeds can fios support

46. one of my STB's no longer has the guide (EPG) get a message like

47. I use only FIOS Internet and I would like to remove the Actiontec router altogether and use my own router. Can I buy a Coax to Ethernet adapter using the exisitng coax wiring to do this?

48. Can another antenna be used with the actiontec router to improve wireless reception?

49. New Voice Mail Password

50. Can I add an external HDD (USB or eSATA) to the High Definition/ DVR and how do I do it?

51. Receiving digital signals

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