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how do i change my router channel i have fios and the wi-fi wont connect some times. plz give me a step by step on how plz. Thanks.

Category:IP and Port Information

If you have the actiontec then go into internet explorer, type in "" into the address brown and hit enter.  When the username and password box comes up type in "admin" for the username and "password" or "password1" for the password field.  Then click on click on "wireless settings" at the top of the screen.  Then "basic security settings" on the left, and under "channel" select "1" or "11" from the drop down menu.  Then just click "apply" at the bottom of the page and it will save that setting.  If that doesn't work then call into tech support and ask them to help you change the channel on the wireless.

Written by Alec - Nick (Verizon FiOS supervisor)
Last updated on 06.20.08

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